Alicia Cannon


Born and raised in Savannah, Ga. I have been Lucky enough to live Surrounded by Beauty and

Bountiful Food Sources.

My family consists of a fun list of Wonderful Southern Cooks who made every Family Gathering a

Wonderful Feast of Food and Stories.

So, to not bore you with details, I wan't interested in College after high school. I wanted to make money, have my own car and get my own place (remember when kids wanted to leave home? LOL)  -- I tried my hand as an Orthodontic assistant, delivery driver for a vending machine company and roaming food truck, and realized I enjoyed the camaraderie and energy of the day to day restaurant business.  I could also support myself better making tips as a server than any other job that paid by the hour.

Over the years, I worked as a server, bartender, restaurant manager, chef, caterer and business owner.  My favorite place of employment in Savannah was The Olde Pink House. I worked as a Fine Dining Server and was Dazzled with the Chef's and the Amazing Dishes they were cooking.  I then attend Culinary School.

I  started my Private Chef Service in 2004, Providing Weekly Meals for my Clientele, based on strict dietary needs.  Being in a tourist town and cooking for a few of the Bed and Breakfasts, I saw a need for Chef Services not just for Breakfast!  

And so my service began offering Dinner's for 2; and as the word spread, I found myself  Cooking  for all sorts of Dinner Parties, Brunches; Bachelorette Parties, You name it.  I have a wonderful variety of Clientele who visit and live in our little corner of paradise, and I am Grateful.

My passion for cooking seemed to fizzle after some trying times and  a change was due for me. In 2012, I was offered a career change.  I took that challenge head on and worked diligently with partners to build a reputable local tech company, The Technology Group.  Classes and hands on training have certainly helped me grow as a business professional in my marketing, networking, office management and accounting skills.

While the past 5 years have been exciting and definitely a learning experience for me, it seems my true calling has me once again ready to get my hands back to work and not just cook for family and friends.  I find myself excited again to offer my services to others and I revel in seeing my talents appreciated and enjoyed once again. 

So, I thank you for your interest in my chef service, and I look forward to exceeding your expectations and providing mouth-watering dishes for you and your family/guests.

Phone:  912-398-3351 -